We have dedicated the chemical coating system such as water proofing sealer, membrane, water proofing coating, concrete protection sealer, dust proofing sealer, anti-graffiti sealer, anti-slip coating and supply famous world brand’s tiles to all developers, architects, contractors and applicators, as well as making all of the world’s new material information available to your 24 hours a day.

Our Vision

We provide environmentally friendly, user friendly, value-engineered products that protect structures from water, weather, efflorescence and graffiti damage. All our products are environmentally safe, non-toxic and VOC compliant which are manufactured in USA and Europe.


Most COMBO-CRETE products are used on new concrete surfaces or existing concrete structures; vertical or horizontal; inside or outside; above or below grade. If you are having problem with water invasion, freeze-thaw damage, staining, dusting or spalling, COMBO-CRETE is the answer. COMBO-CRETE KL-25 can penetrated into the concrete to become an integral part of the concrete as a water proofing layer.

Features And Benefits

• Easy to apply. • No need to mix. • Best warranty in the industry. • Water base – VOC Compliant. • Don’t need special equipment and training. • Do not yellowish or dries clear. • Interior and exterior use. • Increase cost effective • In service for over 30 years.