COMBO-CRETE is committed to provide economic dust-proofing and anti-efflorescence solutions for even the most challenging requirements. COMOB-CRETE ST-21 is a deep penetrating short chain polymer water repellent for concrete and masonry surfaces, forming a weather and chemical barrier without changing appearance.

If you are having problem with dusting and efflorescence, COMBO-CRETE is the answer.

High Performance Dustproofing And Waterproofing Membrane

• For Use On A Vertical And Horizontal Masonry,Brick, Concrete And
Stucco Surfaces
• Deep Penetrating Short Chain Polymer Water Repellent
• Protection Not Effected By Weathering Or UV Light
• Resistant To High Alkalinity
• V.O.C. Compliant
• Easy For Cleaning
• No Any Protection Required
• Breathable And Moisture Vapor Permeable
• Warranty Available

Non-Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coating

• Unlimited graffiti removals
• Interior and exterior masonry surfaces
• Tough and durable graffiti resistant protective coating
• Protects surfaces from permanent damage due to most graffiti
• Dries clear
• May be applied to cured painted surfaces
• Non-yellowing
• Ready to use-no component mixing
• Water base
• Will not support the growth of mold and mildew
• Long service life