COMBO-CRETE is committed to provide economic water-tight solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Our products are environmentally friendly, value-engineered that protect structures from weather and water. If you are having problem with water invasion, freeze-thaw damage, staining, dusting or spalling, COMBO-CRETE is the answer.

Applications : Horizontal  & Vertical Surfaces , Wood Surfaces , Metal Surfaces

• Long Service Life And Durability
• Weather Resistant , Flexible Coating
• Excellent Hide And Adhesion
• Unlimited Color Selection
• Waterproof And Breathable
• Bridges Cracks

High Penetration 25mm Thickness Protection Layer

• Resists Flaking – Excellent Adhesion
• Best Warranty In The Industry
• Long Life Span – Up To Ten Years
• High Gloss – Medium Gloss – Flat Gloss Available
• Water Base – V.O.C. Compliant – Solvents Available
• No Special Equipment And Training Required
• Will Not Turn Yellow
• In Service For 35 Years
• UV Resistant – Not Affected By Weather
• Mould Resistant
• Apply Any Finishing Directly

Excellent Resistance To Weathering, Abrasion, and Oxidation

• Gloss Finish Repellent And Alkali Resistant Sealer For Masonry And Concrete
• Protects And Beatifies Surfaces With A Wet Look Finish
• For Use On Interior And Exterior Surfaces
• Resists Flaking And Has Excellent Adhesion
• Protection Not Effected By Weathering Or UV Light
• Excellent Wear And Abrasion Resistance
• Virtually Maintenance Free
• Breathable – Does Not Trap Moisture
• Will Not Turn Yellow With Age
• Limited Warranty Available