14. What other factors must be taken into consideration prior to applying Combocrete waterproofing products?

Allow us to address the moisture related issues first. Even if the wall has cured for the prescribed period of time, the substrate should be allowed four to seven days drying time following rainfall or power-washing. Never allow the application of these products if rainfall is imminent. Concerning another pre-application issue, it is the responsibility of each Account Manager to inspect the substrate and associated areas prior to product application.

Mortar joints must be inspected to assure proper tooling (no bee holes or shrinkage cracks), the roof cap must be properly installed, parapet walls must be properly addressed, and the substrate must, of course, be clean and dry. Only after such time that all pre-application deficiencies have been corrected will the sub-contractor be authorized  to proceed. As a rule, all pre-inspection memoranda are directed to the sub-contractor and general contractor in written form.