8. How does waterproofing brick exterior walls differ from concrete block?

Let us first address the types of brick and brick systems which are usually encountered. Brick can be manufactured in a number of fashions, ranging from full-face new brick, to brick veneer, clay brick, used brick, colored brick, brick pavers, and many more. The type of brick utilized or the method in which it is erected will have no effect upon selection of waterproofing material. Microcrete or Stain-Blok. Brick, of course, is composed of a denser material than concrete block; therefore, the permeability of the substrate will differ drastically. In other words, it takes longer for a liquid to soak into a dense surface than it does a porous material. Due to its specific design for porous surfaces, water based materials will not completely penetrate typical brick and may result in ‘whiting or blushing’ of the brick wall.